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Founder: Diogenes Luna BSN, RN, BS Public Health

Diogenes Luna has multiple years in the nursing profession. He is trauma certified and has worked in the ER setting in New York city and in Texas. He is an Army veteran and is passionate about teaching and helping nursing students achieve their goals.

"My goal is to see you pass the NCLEX and become excellent nurse leaders!"



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Co-Founder: Dr. Endry Martinez DO

Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician

Dr. Martinez has multiple years of experience in emergency medicine. Her knowledge and experience in trauma will help you understand complex questions. Her goal is to see our students succeed and become successful nurses. She is available to review all materials with our students.

"We created this course to provide you with the right tools to confidently pass the NCLEX"

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"After I took this review course, it really helped me boost my confidence"


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Student Testimonials

"I failed my exam three times. I almost gave up and I'm glad that I bought this course because I recently passed thanks to super easy NCLEX"


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Our team of instructors include Board certified ER physician, Nurse practitioner, and Trauma certified nurses


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Student Testimonials

"The live reviews really helped me understand the topics clearer. I finally passed the NCLEX at 85 questions and now I'm a Registered Nurse"


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Student Testimonials

"They made the material easy for me to learn. I can't believe I passed the NCLEX"


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